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New Jersey Ministry Network - Deaf Ministries (NJMN-DM) based at Evangel Church, Scotch Plains, NJ is a division of the New Jersey Ministry Network (lAssemblies of God Fellowship) headquartered in Burlington, NJ.

Deaf Souls Ministries, directed by Home Missionary Pastor Nancy Tonnessen, provides services for persons who are deaf. The goal is to develop deaf ministries and other services for the Deaf within churches throughout the state of New Jersey.  Pastor Nancy Tonnessen and her staff provide workshops for persons who are deaf, Pastors and their churches, retreats for the Deaf, Christian Religious Interpreter Training, American Sign Language classes, Counseling and Biblical

Instruction for individuals who are deaf and their families and Interpreter and state agency referrals.  Monthly finances and donations given by generous individuals and churches support all services and monetary funding for the provision of these services. This funding supports the Deaf Souls Ministries, Pastor Nancy Tonnessen and NJMN-Deaf Ministry subsidiaries. Also it’s developed to minister to the Deaf and foster Deaf Awareness to enhance communication and understanding between the Deaf and the Hearing.

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